“Lessons of War ΙΙΙ – Athenian Dramas”: staged at the National Theatre of Greece
February 13, 2020
Presentation at the International Conference ACHS 2020: Futures
September 7, 2020

Presentation at the Erasmus+ Joint Master Program Architecture Landscape Archaeology, 2020

Leda Costaki, Annita Theocharaki and Markos Katsianis were invited to participate in the Erasmus+ Joint Master Program Architecture Landscape Archaeology , organized by the School of Architecture (National Technical University of Athens), in collaboration with the universities Sapienza and Federico II (Italy) and Coimbra (Portugal).

In their presentation entitled “Digital Documentation of archaeological sites and monuments: the case of Athens”, they focused on the methods of digital documentation and management of the architectural remains in Athens.

The class consisted of students from various countries; the interaction with such an interesting and lively audience was a fruitful experience.

The presentation took place at the premises of the School of Architecture (NTUA) on February 18, 2020.