“The lost text”: A video walk at the Epigraphical Museum

“The Lost Text” is an interactive video walk of the Epigraphical Museum by the visual artist Nina Pappa. The video walk takes visitors on a multilevel walk through the space housing the exhibits; it is a complex audiovisual experience of the world of epigraphy that will introduce them to the work and experiences of epigraphists.

At the heart of the video walk are the inscriptions and the scholars who study them. Distinguished Greek and foreign epigraphists welcome us into their space and reveal notes, manuscripts, photographs, books, slides and imprints, through which they describe their particular research methods.

The video walk is based on the practice of site-specific visual interventions, the tradition of documentary film, and the sensory dynamics of augmented reality techniques. It is the first time that a project as such is performed in a Greek museum.

In the following link, you may find the text of Mr. Angelos P. Matthaiou, scientific associate in the video walk of Nina Pappa: “The Lost Text”.

Dipylon contributed to the coordination of the production of the project.

Duration: October 18 – December 18 2019