Walk the Long Walls

The ongoing project Walk the Long Walls is an audiovisual web app (audio tour), bilingual (Greek-English), free-of-charge and compatible with all modern devices. The application offers a fascinating historical tour of archaeological and industrial interest at 30 points of interest. The selected POIs include visible but also inconspicuous archaeological remains of the ancient city along the route of the Long Walls as well as historical industrial buildings.

Each POI will include a narrative with information about the respective rescue excavation or industrial building, pictorial and cartographic material, historical information, and a digital representation of the ancient remains or historical buildings.

By making the most of augmented reality technology (AR), representations with three-dimensional visualization are included in the project. In this way, the user will be given the option to see the Long Walls as a whole as well as the remains of rescue excavations and most recent monuments, such as preserved industrial buildings and other historical buildings of the area, enlarged on the screen of the mobile phone or computer.

Residents and visitors of the area, initiated or not, but also teachers and students of all levels, are among the target groups of the proposed web app. One of the main goals of the application is to provide schools in the area with a digital tool for experiential learning. In general, the project Walk the Long Walls aims to raise public awareness of the historical past embedded in the modern city.

The project is being implemented with the generous support of the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation and the J. F. Costopoulos Foundation.