“Lessons of War ΙΙΙ – Athenian Dramas”: staged at the National Theatre of Greece

The play Lessons of War ΙΙΙ - Athenian Dramas constitutes a dramatized rendering of Xenophon’s Hellenica (Books I and II) by philologist Dr Giannis Lignadis.

The play is educational in nature and is presented in two parts: the first, titled The Dramas of War, is a dramatic narration of the final events of the Peloponnesian War, from the return of Alcibiades in Athens (407 B.C.) to the defeat of the Athenians, the demolition of the walls, and the establishment of the Spartan garrison in the city (404 B.C.).

The second part, titled The Athenian State Dramas, covers the first postwar events of the civil war in Athens, from the imposition of the harsh oligarchy of the Thirty Tyrants, the revolution of Thrasybulus’ democrats to the final restoration of democracy (403 B.C.).

The printed program of the play includes a brief text on the Long Walls as well as a suggested reconstruction of the Athens fortification system during the Classical period, in preparation for which the Dipylon team collaborated with the co-producer team DRAMATICUS.

Duration: The National Theatre, January 31 – April 12, 2020