Leda Costaki


Leda Costaki is an archaeologist working as research archivist at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Her academic research focuses on the topography of ancient Athens. Her doctoral thesis is on the intramural roads of ancient Athens (University of Toronto).

Annita Theocharaki


Annita Theocharaki is an archaeologist (UoA 1984). She received her PhD on the city walls of ancient Athens from the University of Athens and has a Master of Arts in International History (LSE 1985).

Wanda Papaefthymiou


Wanda Papaefthymiou is an archaeologist (UoA 1984) with a PhD at the University of Würzburg, Germany (1992). She joined the National Archaeological Museum of Athens (Sculpture Collection) and is a research associate of the German Archaeological Institute of Athens at the Kerameikos project.

Maria Pigaki


Maria Pigaki is a cartographer (EHESS-Sorbonne 1988) and has a doctorate in Didactic in Cartography and Spatial Analysis (Paris- Diderot 2000). Since 1989 she works in the School of Rural & Survey Engineering at the Department of Topography (NTUA). She has taught Cartography and GIS in higher education (NTUA, UoA, TEI Athens, Sorbonne and Paris VII).


George Panagiotopoulos


George Panagiotopoulos is a developer/researcher. He studied at the Agricultural University of Athens, specializing in agricultural engineering, GIS, and Remote Sensing. He holds an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. from the National Technical University of Athens on spatial analysis and economic geography. He has experience in developing servers, databases, and user interfaces with modern programming languages such as TypeScript, Python, and others.

Maria Karagiannopoulou


Maria Karagiannopoulou holds her bachelor’s degree in Archaeology from the University of Thessaly and her Master’s degree in Archaeology and Environment from the University of Évora. She has participated in excavations in Greece and Italy and worked at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

Evi Sempou


Evi Sempou studied Greek Philology at the University of Athens (2011). She holds a master’s degree in Comparative Literature (University College London) and in Book and Digital Media Studies (Leiden University).

Christina Giannakoula


Christina Giannakoula studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens. She holds a Master of Sciences in Applied Archaeological Sciences (department of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean- Faculty of Humanities).

George Lampropoulos


George Lampropoulos studied Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics at the School of Engineering, University of Patras and holds an MSc in Environment and Development of the National Technical University of Athens. He specializes in Geographic Information Systems, Cartography and Spatial Analysis.

Giorgos Sofianos


Giorgos Sofianos is an archaeologist (NKUA 2013) specializing in Prehistoric Archaeology (NKUA 2016). His doctoral dissertation focuses on the Prepalatial architecture of Minoan Crete (NKUA 2023) supported by the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY). He has worked in archaeological excavations and field surveys (Crete, Peloponnese, Kythera, Marathon) and he is a research associate in publication projects of Minoan excavations.

Vasko Demou


Vasko Demou has studied archaeology at the British universities of Reading [BA(Hons) Archaeology, 2001], Manchester [MA Archaeology of Identity, 2002], and Southampton [PhD, 2017]. His academic interests include social, community, public, and ethnographic archaeology, the relationship of archaeology with contemporary art, and the mobilization of cultural heritage for therapeutic purposes. He has worked as a field archaeologist in the administrative regions of Attica, Thrace, and the Cyclades, where he continues to conduct ethnographic fieldwork for national and international research projects.

Giota Taxiarchi


Giota Taxiarchi is an archaeologist (UoA 2000) with a master's degree in the conservation and restoration of historical buildings and ensembles (NTUA 2007) and a PhD in classical archaeology, focusing on the architecture of Hellenistic sanctuaries dedicated to oriental deities (UoA 2023). She has extensive experience in archaeological work, including participation in rescue and systematic excavations, as well as in restoration projects. Giota was a member of the team responsible for preparing the management plan for the archaeological site of Kerameikos, she conducted a historical and urban planning study for Metaxourgeio and contributed to the implementation of a digital application for a virtual tour of the Acropolis monuments.


Matina Lambraki


Matina Lambraki studied at the National Technical University of Athens, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering (2009) and holds the postgraduate Diploma "Environment and Development" (2017) from the same institute. She specialises in Cartography, Geographic Information Systems and Satellite Data Processing.

Markos Katsianis


Markos Katsianis is an archaeologist (AUTH 2001) specializing in the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Archaeology (UCL 2002). His doctoral research focused on excavation methods and information technology (AUTH 2009). He has worked at the Directorate of the National Archive of Monuments and the Acropolis Restoration Service. Since 2018 he is assistant professor in Antiquity and Digital Culture at the Department of History and Archaeology, University of Patras.

Georgios Chiotis


Georgios Chiotis holds bachelor's degrees in Archaeology (2005) and History (2010) from the University of Thessaly, as well as a master's degree in Archaeology (2009) from the "Interdisciplinary Approaches in Historical, Archaeological and Anthropological Studies" program of the same university. He specializes in GIS applications in classical archaeology. He has participated in research programs of the University of Thessaly and the Academy of Athens and has worked for the Ministry of Culture and the Archaeological Society at Athens.

Aspasia Tsatsouli

Postgraduate student

Aspasia Tsatsouli studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens (2013). She successfully completed the courses of the Interdepartmental Master of Arts “Management of Monuments: Archaeology, City and Architecture” and she is currently working on her dissertation.

Orestis Goulakos


Orestis Goulakos is an archaeologist (University of Athens) and a holder of an MA and a PhD from the same University. He has worked in the Academy of Athens and the Archaeological Society at Athens.

Alexandros Kokkalas


Alexandros Kokkalas studied Informatics and Telecommunications at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and holds an MSc in Environment and Development from the school of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He has participated in several works of software development, especially for webGIS applications.

Spiros Mousouris

PhD candidate

Spiros Mousouris studied Cultural Heritage Management and New Technologies at the University of Ioannina and holds an MSc in "Cultural Informatics and Communication" from the department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean. He is a PhD Candidate in the same department researching geospatial cultural semantic data. He is experienced in web development with languages and frameworks such as Javascript, Vue.js, Node.js, SQL, PostgreSQL and PostGIS.