Roads of the Past: Mapping The Iera Odos

This project of Dimitris Nikolitsis aims to represent selected historical events and spatial points along the Sacred Way. Through the StoryMap, an attempt is made to depict the Sacred Way from antiquity to the present day through four thematic sections: the Eleusinian Mysteries, the observations of travelers, the excavations and the views of what one encounters today. The connection of these sections with multimedia files enhances the continuity, the sacredness and the historicity of the Sacred Way.

I thank the Dipylon team for providing me with the digitized Maps of Attica by Curtius & Kaupert and their insightful observations, which helped my research throughout its course.

Note: The StoryMap was created as part of my thesis entitled "Roads of the Past: Mapping the Sacred Way in Attica through the Centuries, Using ArcGIS StoryMaps" in the context of the postgraduate program "Digital Methods in Humanities" at the Athens University of Economics and Business