14 DECEMBER 2023

Web seminar with teachers of primary schools in Piraeus

On Thursday, December 14, 2023, we presented the Walk to Plato’s Academy web app to the teachers of Piraeus Primary Education. The presentation took place in the context of the seminar entitled "From Kerameikos to Plato's Academy, an imaginary tour in a real world" that we co-organized with archaeologist and partner of Dipylon, Mrs. Evi Pini and the Piraeus Primary Education Directorate.

During the seminar, we gave a virtual tour of selected points of interest focusing on the dialogue between the natural environment and the habitation of the area, exploring the learning potential of both the cartographic and visual narratives and the kids’ version of the walk. Dipylon focused on sensory landscape, spatial perception, and the cognitive processes that enhance students' observation and reflection. Ms. Pini presented the rationale behind the writing of the children's narratives, and the three lead teachers gave examples of educational use in the culture, environmental and health education curriculum.

We hope that the seminar has triggered many teachers to include the Walk to Plato's Academy app in school activities and to use it to facilitate students' understanding of history, as well as to encourage their observation skills and their thinking.