The Athenian City Walls
May 4, 2017
Combination of satellite and aerial imagery, cadastral and historical map for the centre of Athens.
Historical Cartography
May 20, 2017

The Western Ηills of Athens

Detail of the area of Ag. Demetrios Loumbardiaris from the S. Kleanthis and E. Schaubert map (1831-32). In Korres, Μ. (ed.) 2010. The first maps of the city of Athens, Melissa editions.

The project involves re-visiting and documenting the important text by Émile Burnouf, “Notice pour le plan d'Athènes antique” published in 1856 in Archives des Missions Scientifiques Ve cahier (pp. 64- 88). Émile Burnouf served as the director of the École Française d'Athènes between 1867-1875.

The text is supplemented with a map of the western hills of Athens, marking in detail all ancient remains that were visible at the time, such as roads, houses, tombs, caves and carvings in the bedrock.

The study attempts to enrich the published material with new data from the papers of É. Burnouf housed in archives in France, while the identified antiquities are being correlated with current locations using GPS and digital data processing through GIS.

Detail from the map of the Western hills of Athens by É. Burnouf (
Panoramic view of Philopappos hill from the Acropolis. Piraeus is shown in the background. Neue Photographische Gesellschaft A. G. Berlin Steglitz 1905.
Combination of aerial imagery from 1944 (BSA Aerial Photograph Collection - T4.4200) and modern orthophoto (NCMA S.A.).
Carvings in the bedrock, Filopappos Hill.