Participation in the graduate seminar “Urban landscapes: structures, concepts, transformations”

On Wednesday Nov. 1st, 2017, Leda Costaki, Annita Theocharaki and Markos Katsianis of Dipylon are invited by the Department of History, Archaeology & Anthropology (University of Thessaly) to present their work on the study of ancient Athens at the graduate seminar “Urban Landscapes: structures, concepts, transformations” at Volos.

The title of the presentation is: “Approaches of the urban landscape of ancient Athens” and we had the opportunity to talk about our study of ancient Athens at Dipylon as shaped by data from urban archaeology. With a focus on our studies of the street network and the walls of Athens we will present new approaches to exploring data from rescue excavations through the use of digital technology in order to contribute to the mapping of the archaeological resource of Athens.