23 MARCH 2020

Lecture for the course ‘‘Architectural design 8A: Outdoor public architecture in the urban and physical landscape’’ of NTUA, 2021

The School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, organizes the synthetic course Architectural design 8A: Outdoor public Architecture in physical and urban landscape (team of Assistant Professor Maria Marlanti), to which Annita Theocharaki was invited to make a presentation.

The presentation was entitled ‘‘The archaeology of Kotzia Square’’. Archaeological information was provided composing the image of the ancient city in the specific area over the centuries. The use of Dipylon’s digital map, Mapping Ancient Athens, contributed to the students’ understanding of both the image of the area over time and the immense work of rescue excavations.

The discussion that followed with professors and students of the School of Architecture was of particular interest; emphasis was placed on the need for interdisciplinary collaboration in the architectural design of the city.

The course took place in a virtual environment, on March 23, 2021.