05 MAY 2023

New project Walk to Plato's Academy

The new project of the Dipylon Society entitled Walk to Plato's Academy is now online! It is an audiovisual web app that invites you on an alternative journey through the city following the traces of the ancient road that connected the Kerameikos to the Academy. The route is designed for children and grownups and lasts about 2 hours, offering a philosophical, archaeological, and educational tour in the modern area of Plato's Academy.

The tour is based on the detailed archaeological documentation and mapping of published excavation sites and the cartographic background of the route alternates between today’s and the 19th-century’s basemap (Karten von Attika, Sheet III-"Athens-Piraeus" by G. von Alten and J. A. Kaupert).

Follow the steps of the Walk to Plato's Academy web app and learn a lot more!