8 MARCH 2024

Participation at the International Conference ''INTOCUS'', 2024

Dipylon participated at the International Conference "Tourism and Cultural Heritage: Resilience, Sustainability and Transformation", which took place in Athens on 8-9 March, 2024. The event was organized by Harokopio University, the University of the Aegean and the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Maria Karagiannopoulou, archaeologist and member of our team, presented Dipylon's walking tour application "Walk to Plato's Academy". The paper "Walk to Plato's Academy: an immersive experience on the historical landscape of Athens" highlighted how it is possible, through the excavations within the urban fabric, to build a new relationship between residents and the cultural heritage of Athens, especially in neighborhoods far from the historic centre.

We would like to thank the coordinators of the conference for their warm hospitality and the participants for the useful exchange of knowledge and perspectives.