Trial version of a web-platform for the archaeology of Athens

In the framework of our activities, we are developing an online cartographic platform to collect, record, process, upgrade and openly present existing research data on the urban archaeology of Athens. Eventually, we seek to integrate all evidence from previous archaeological research and employ this information towards the protection and promotion of the archaeological record of Athens.

To date, we have taken significant preparatory steps, which have helped us clarify the requirements of the project, establish the methodology to be employed, and identify potential problems and solutions.

In this direction, we are developing a pilot version of the necessary digital infrastructure to test the desired functionality for the final platform.

The archaeological data employed in this trial version relates to the course of the fortification wall of ancient Athens in the northeastern part of the city, as revealed during the early and the most recent archaeological interventions.

Please take a moment to preview the demo version of our web-GIS platform for the urban archaeology of Athens, and send us your feedback at

Enjoy your visit!

Enter the application (DEMO)

*To enter the trial version of the application environment, use the following: username: webdemo, password: webdemo