20 MAY 2022

Intensive programme on teaching methodologies and utilization of didactic resources, Erasmus+ MINERVA poject

In the context of the European project MINERVA: Mapping Cultural Heritage. Geosciences Value in Higher Education, the Dipylon team participated in the intensive programme on teaching methodologies and the utilization of didactic resources that took place at the University of Florence on May 16-19, 2022.

The training started with an overview of the project focusing on the presentation of the project's second Intellectual Output (IO2), which consists of a toolkit of teaching methodologies and materials. In the following days, the MINERVA consortium practised an intense series of workshops based on the European case studies of Geotechnologies applied to the Cultural Heritage (CH) management and thereby examined and collected general feedback on the IO2 usability in a professional context.

Dipylon presented the webGIS platform ''Athens Western Hills'' as an indicative European case study of Geosciences applied to the CH management. The project is a teaching unit of the intellectual output entitled "Teaching methods and didactic resources on Geotechnologies for Cultural Heritage".

Τhe training programme concluded with the presentation of the forthcoming Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), which will be the following intellectual output of the project (IO3).