26 JANUARY 2023

Workshop “Gazetteer­ing Pau­sa­nias: Athens and Be­yond” at the Swedish Institute

We attended the workshop “Gazetteering Pausanias: Athens and Beyond,” which was co-organized on January 26 by the Swedish Institute at Athens and the Digital Periegesis Project of Uppsala University.

Τhe meeting presented the progress of the “Digital Periegesis Project” which aims to generate an open gazetteer of Pausanias’ work with semantic terms from various archives and dictionaries.

Find out more about the project: https://www.periegesis.org/

In the context of this project, Dipylon has developed a new website that provides access to archaeologist Judith Binder’s Opus Magnum, thus enhancing the expansion of the Digital Periegesis Project’s annotation and linkage with other gazetteers and dictionaries!

Explore the ongoing website “The Monuments and Sites of Athens: A Sourcebook”: http://dipylon-judithbindersourcebook.org/