30 MARCH 2023

Project presentation “The Sikyon Excavation project”, 2023

Dipylon participated in the international conference “Mapping the Past, Plotting the Future. GIS in Archaeology, maturity & implementation” with a paper entitled “Methodology and challenges in geovisualizing excavation data: the case of Sikyon”. The conference was organized by the AeGIS Athena workshop and took place at the British School of Athens on March 30, 2023.

"The Sikyon Excavation project", which was presented for the first time at this conference, is an innovative webGIS platform that integrates the results of the multi-year excavation research in ancient Sikyon conducted under the auspices of the Archaeological Society of Athens and directed by Professor Yiannis Lolos (Department of History, Archeology and Social Anthropology, University of Thessaly). The project was designed and implemented by Dipylon in collaboration with Professor Yiannis Lolos and aims to create a continuously updated digital tool for registering, classifying and managing excavation data of ancient Sikyon in a webGIS environment.